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NMN agents tell you why diseases always occur in the elderly
time:2021/9/23 10:54:00 url:

Our living conditions are getting better and better. We also want our elders who have worked hard for a lifetime to get better and better. We don't want them to grow old so quickly, but it backfires. With the passage of time, the elders who have been taking care of us are getting weaker and weaker, and many things are beginning to be unable to do what they want, so they can no longer walk lightly like before, That's why diseases always happen to these old people who have worked hard all their life. What makes them no longer like the past

professional research found that the probability of malignant tumors, high blood pressure and diabetes in the age group over 60 increased 131 times, 115 times and 100 times compared with the young people aged 20-29, The rate of cerebrovascular disease increased 135 times. The probability of patients over 80 years old dying of covid-19 is about 13.4%, while the probability of patients over 20 years old dying of covid-19 is about 0.06%

this comparison is undoubtedly worrying. If there is a product that can delay the passage of time and slow down aging, it should be expected by our younger generation. So don't miss this nmn18000