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NMN merchants manufacturers introduce its discoverers to you
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Dr. David Sinclair has been engaged in aging related research for nearly 25 years since 1995. He has many titles, including Australian biologist Paul F. Glenn, CO director of the center for aging biology, and some familiar magazines, such as aging magazine. Dr. David Sinclair is the co-founder and chief editor of this magazine, And professor of genetics from Harvard Medical School

do you think that's all? No, Dr. David Sinclair is also the inventor of 35 patents. In addition, he has won more than 25 awards and honors, including CSL award, Australian Federal award, Thompson award, Helen Whitney postdoctoral award, Genzyme biomedical outstanding achievement award, biological innovator award, Australian Medical research medal Australia's top 100 innovators, Time magazine's "100 most influential people in the world" and other

what kind of people can win so many awards? Let's take a look at his resume. Dr. David Sinclair grew up in the suburbs of North Sydney, and his parents are also biochemists. A good family environment has a certain impact on him, but he also has his own efforts. In 1995, Dr. David Sinclair received a doctorate in molecular genetics from the University of New South Wales in Sydney. In 1999, Sinclair, who was only 29, discovered the cause of yeast aging, and later discovered the role of Sir2 in epigenetic changes driven by yeast, He was poached by Harvard Medical School and became a lifelong professor of the world's top genetics

Sinclair laboratory, which identified the biosynthetic NMN of NAD + and confirmed that it can prolong life and regulate the body, is the first laboratory to confirm this function