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NMN, as a precursor of NAD + (coenzyme) synthesis in human body, improves the level of NAD + in vivo
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NMN as a synthetic nad in human body+ The precursor of (coenzyme) can improve the NAD + level in the body. It is widely applicable to people and supplement corresponding nutrition according to the needs of different people.

applicable population of NMN:

1. The elderly are used to help improve various senile diseases;

2. The middle-aged eliminate or alleviate various sub-health problems, such as chronic fatigue, poor sleep, decreased vision, etc.

3 . those who stay up late to speed up the recovery of the body;

4. Candidates, improve the ability to withstand pressure and keep a clear mind;

5. Those with higher radiation dose, such as radiologists, nurses and air crew, improve the ability to repair genes damaged by radiation;

6. Cancer patients, help patients after radiotherapy and chemotherapy repair genes, improve immunity and speed up physical recovery;

7. Fitness people accelerate muscle growth;

8. Athletes improve energy level and reaction speed;

9. Drinkers improve their ability to relieve alcohol, protect the liver and repair genes damaged by acetaldehyde toxicity;

10. Smokers reduce smoking addiction;

11. Depressed people improve dopamine level, improve mood, increase blood supply to the brain and alleviate the symptoms caused by depression Brain decline;

12. Middle aged and elderly women, improve skin health and delay skin aging;

13. Other people who may have low coenzyme I;