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American aidevi NMN Encyclopedia
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Aidevi NMN encyclopedia
1. What is NMN
NMN (nicotinyl gum mononucleotide) is an endogenous substance, which already exists in our body. Studies by many scientific research institutions and scientists have proved that NMN can be quickly transformed into NAD + in the body, and through NAD +, it can delay aging, improve cells, vitality and improve body functions. In 2013, it was proved by Paul Glenn Center for aging biology of Harvard University that NMN can delay aging

2. What is NAD +

NAD + (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) was discovered by Sir Arthur harden in 1904. Therefore, sir harden won the 1929 Nobel Prize in chemistry. Since then, many Nobel laureates have been born around the research of NAD +. NAD + plays an irreplaceable role in cell energy metabolism, mitochondrial energy supply, DNA damage repair, longevity protein activation and aging regulation. It is the key factor determining human aging

3. Is NMN really anti-aging

a large number of scientific research and animal experiments have found that NMN can be quickly transformed into NAD +, NAD + plays an irreplaceable role in cell capacity metabolism and aging regulation, and NAD + realizes a series of functions related to delaying aging. Relevant research results have been published in authoritative journals such as nature, cell and science
4. What are the core functions of aidevinmn

a large number of scientific studies have found that NMN products can improve the NAD + level of the body, repair DNA damaged cells, delay aging, improve sleep quality, improve menstruation, enhance physical fitness, improve energy, relieve alcohol and protect the liver, and improve male sexual function (Reference: tmall white paper)
5. Can other dietary supplements be superimposed
NMN is an innate substance of human body, which will not conflict with the common health care products in the market, - it is safe to take it from the beginning. For the sake of safety, it is recommended to take it at an interval of more than 1 hour
6. What are the advantages of aidevinmn over similar NMN products 
the technology is new. It uses a new generation of active enzyme process to extract
with high absorption. Enteric coated capsules are easy to absorb
with high purity and content. The purity of NMN raw materials is up to 99.99%
is safe and worry free. It has passed the authoritative certification at home and abroad. It is safe to buy
pure blood. It is sold in the United States, Britain, Singapore and Australia, Compared with NMN products of the same quality in the market, our price is close to the people
word of mouth verification. We are an early NMN brand in China. The formula is strong, the effect is strong, the compound formula is strong, and the effect is stronger with the addition of activator
the only cooperative factory invested by Li Jiacheng in NMN
7. Is it safe to take NMN
NMN is an endogenous substance in human body, and many of our foods contain trace amounts of NMN. In addition, a number of NMNS have been used as drugs in clinical trials around the world, and have passed the phase I human safety clinical trial and entered the stage of efficacy verification. The clinical study on the safety of NMN published in the Journal of endocrinology in 2020 also shows that a single oral administration of 500 mg NMN is safe, and NMN can be metabolized safely and effectively in the human body without any side effects
is it too early to take NMN in your eighties and twenties
what really plays a role in delaying aging is the increase of NAD + level in the body. With the growth of age, the consumption of NAD + increases exponentially, resulting in the continuous decline of NAD + level in the body. Generally, after the age of 25, there will be a situation of "making ends meet"
therefore, we should have the awareness of anti-aging in advance and anti-aging from the inside out. NMN is not a patent for the middle-aged and the elderly. The earlier you take it, the earlier you freeze your youth
is it too late to start anti-aging at the age of 9 and 50
it's not too late since you realize anti-aging. NMN mainly supplements the level of NAD +
in vivo, so as to repair damaged cells. Age is not a problem
10. How long is the shelf life of aidevinmn
the shelf life is 24 months. Please place it in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight