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American high-end brand aidevi enters China
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American high-end brand aidevi has entered China

aidevi is a domestic high-end brand under dinas international. The enterprise adheres to the principle of" gathering natural nutrition, optimizing core raw materials and sharing quality life ", adhere to the selection of natural raw materials and take nature, safety and health as the standard to measure product quality. Raw materials are produced in many countries and regions and provide customers with all-round health protection through diversified products and services. follow the business philosophy of" quality management and honest service ", rigorous production technology and
excellent production
product quality to help consumers achieve ideal health.

the group's own factory has been completed in California, the United States, and has its own R &D base abroad. It employs senior scientific researchers to engage in product R &D in strict accordance with the production standards of FDA and cGMP. At present, the company has set up an NMN automatic production line and established a" NMN Joint Laboratory "with the University of California In strict compliance with national food and Drug Import laws and regulations, all products have a complete set of import tariff quality inspection reports to ensure that the products have strict quality control from R &D, production to distribution. According to the dietary characteristics of Chinese nationals, we jointly develop functional health food and a variety of nutritional dietary supplement foods to regulate human function. It is a company focusing on R &D and production A large health company that produces and sells products.