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Stay up late warning: the immune system will be damaged! NMN can improve sleep mechanism
time:2021/9/23 10:54:00 url:

Scientific research has pointed out that irregular work and rest time will affect the immune system, thus reducing the body's ability to resist infection. Recently, cell, a top journal in the field of science, also published similar research conclusions. Our immune system is also regulated by circadian rhythms, said a research team from the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center. Like our physical state, our body's resistance will be stronger when we are energetic during the day; At night, when the body enters a state of rest, resistance also weakens. If the body stays up late, the immune system also enters a resting state. Without the protection of the immune system, the body is vulnerable to bacteria and viruses

therefore, in order to improve this situation, we must develop the habit of regular work and rest and staying up late as little as possible. However, excluding some people who habitually stay up late, many people have to choose to stay up late because of insomnia. According to the 2020 China sleep index report, the average sleep market of Chinese residents is 6.92 hours, of which the proportion of people who often suffer from insomnia has reached 36.1%. The white paper on exercise and sleep in 2021 released this year points out that the number of people with sleep disorders in China has exceeded 300 million. Improving sleep disorders has become the demand of most people

sleep disorders are mainly affected by the biological clock. Due to the fragility of the biological clock, various abnormal work and rest and eating habits will affect the imbalance of the biological clock. NMN can regulate the transcription mechanism, restore the biological clock to the normal circadian rhythm, and improve the sleep mechanism of the human body. This is why NMN dietary supplements are favored by many people with sleep disorders