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What are the core advantages of edvi nmn-18000?
time:2021/9/23 10:54:00 url:

Speaking of the core advantages of EDV nmn-18000, we have to talk about the following four technologies

enzyme directed evolution technology: in 2018, the American scientist Frances h. Arnold won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in recognition of her realization of enzyme directed evolution, which has brought enzyme catalyzed biosynthesis into a new era, NMN innovatively applies this non-toxic and harmless green enzyme directed evolution technology to improve the efficiency of some chemical drug synthesis by enzyme catalysis technology β The purity of NMN is more than 99% and has better biological activity

coating technology: coating technology is an emerging biotechnology. The unique NADH coating technology of super NMN effectively protects NADH from gastric acid and can be absorbed directly into the intestine

sustained release technology: sustained release technology can effectively solve the problems of fast release speed and short effective action time of active preparations. By delaying the release rate of the drug from the dosage form and reducing the absorption rate of the drug into the body, a better effect can be achieved. Super NMN uses slow-release technology to achieve better absorption of NMN, NADH and PPD in human body, and increase the bioavailability by more than five times

three in one composite technology: traditional NMN products are single component NMN, while super NMN perfectly combines NMN with NADH and PPD, which can make NMN better absorb and achieve a variety of functions. For example, activate the activity of seven anti-aging enzymes and improve mitochondrial metabolic dysfunction. Improve immune system function, inhibit tumor, improve immunity, resist aging and prolong life

in just a few years from 2013 to now, NMN has entered a period of rapid development, and the scientific community has continuously developed new scientific research achievements of NMN. The above four technologies are perfectly displayed in adwell NMN products, making adwell products more advantageous and the best choice