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Frequent "procrastination" is related to the lack of NAD + in the body, which can be alleviated by appropriate supplement of NMN
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        NAD + is a free substance produced after nad removes a hydrogen ion. It is not only a coenzyme transmitting electrons, but also a coenzyme of many dehydrogenases in the human body. It directly links the tricarboxylic acid cycle and respiratory chain. It can deliver the electrons obtained in the metabolic process to flavin protein, and widely participate in many physical and chemical reactions and key functions of the body

[figure: principle of NAD + action mechanism (Figure source medical weekly)]

          the experiment of the Institute of biology of the University of Washington confirmed that the content of NAD + in the human body will decrease with the aging of the body, which will cause problems such as mental depression and loss of excitability of the nervous system in varying degrees. This is also a key factor in the emergence of" procrastination ".

according to the research data of comprehensive exploration of several inducing factors of procrastination and the report of exploration of the action mechanism of NAD + and NMN, NMN is the most direct precursor of NAD + in human body, which can inhibit and improve the attenuation of NAD + content through exogenous supplement, so as to achieve the cure of procrastination.

[figure: principle of NMN + action mechanism (Figure source medical weekly)]

          it is worth mentioning that in addition to promoting NAD + synthesis, NMN can also cooperate with sic12a8 protein and sodium ion in the body to promote the combination, so that acetylase, an important substance in human tissue cells, can be quickly activated, making the body think more clearly and agile, which is conducive to improving work efficiency. in clinical practice, the above experiments show that the patients' mental state has improved significantly, they can raise their fighting spirit for things in daily life and work, have the willingness and ability to solve them (excluding their own knowledge or skills), and their mental state has tended to be stable and not irritable in the whole process.

          some doctors suggest that in the process of overcoming procrastination, in addition to having a relatively firm will and rejecting the interference of external tempting factors, it is also a very key point to cut in from the physical point of view and adjust by supplementing NMN. This is mainly related to the following two aspects:

first of all, compared with personal behavior habits, physical fatigue is more difficult to overcome. If it is not managed, it will become the biggest resistance in the whole work and learning process and seriously affect personal efficiency.

secondly, procrastination can also cause a variety of concurrent diseases, such as body depression, neurasthenia, decreased resistance, easy to catch a cold, etc., which is extremely unfavorable to the maintenance of personal health.

in the study, in addition to the key role of NMN in the improvement of procrastination, the researchers also gave the relevant research data of the exploration of the action mechanism and effect of NMN, and emphasized the importance of the average effective content of NMN for the presentation of the final effect.

            the NMN 18000 and nmn1000 of the American natural health brand dinas are NMN supplements used and mentioned many times by researchers in the study. According to the research report," after integrating a variety of products, nmn18000 has the best effect and NMN 12000 is slightly inferior, but they are at a high level in the NMN industry. " , and it is suggested to be applied to the improvement of procrastination.