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NMN agent

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NMN agent
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Through the continuous development and progress of human biotechnology, we found that the decrease of NAD + content in the process of human aging is considered to be the main cause of disease and disability. Therefore, scientists began to supplement NAD + as a breakthrough to resist human aging and reproductive diseases. After decades of research, NMN products have finally come out
therefore, NAD + is very important to human body and plays an important role in anti-aging. However, with the increase of age, the NAD + level of human body gradually decreases, resulting in the reduction of mitochondrial activity, accelerating the aging mitochondria, cells and even the whole body, and gradually entering a vicious circle, which may be the reason for our aging
in continuous research and experiments, different raw materials, different extraction processes and different contents will lead to different effects of NMN. At present, the known better NMN products have these similarities: the raw material is pollution-free pure organic raw material, the process is biological enzyme simulating human catalytic process, and the component content can reach 300mg / capsule

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