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NMN investment promotion
β Nicotinamide mononucleotide
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According to the reporter, at present, NMN of major brands around the world can be purchased on tmall global, and other major cross-border e-commerce platforms, but NMN products are uneven and the prices are different. Professionals advise the majority of consumers to consider the first-line brands with higher NMN purity and more reliable qualification, such as safety. For example, the raw materials of our NMN products are from formal GMP qualified factories and have passed the certification of the food and Drug Administration of the country of origin. The magnetic immobilized enzyme technology is adopted to avoid the problems of heavy metal residues and toxic organic reagent residues in chemical synthesis. The purity of NMN is up to 99.9%, which is truly high-purity and free of impurities. It has FDA professional certification. It is an NMN brand and is more respected by experts
one in a million indicates that the product is good. In the NMN industry, as long as the products are effective, they will always be favored by many consumers. After all, most NMN products are taken by consumers themselves. Consumers know whether there is any effect. After entering the domestic market, our NMN has gradually been sought after by consumers, mainly because NMN products can bring real effects to consumers

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