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The anti-aging effect of NMN was first discovered in 2013 by a professor at Harvard Medical School, David Sinclair. One week after the professor applied NMN to 22 month old mice, he found that the physiological age of mice was reversed to 6 months old, and published it in an authoritative journal. Subsequently, many scientists studied this and finally confirmed the anti-aging and other new effects of NMN
scientists have constantly confirmed that the release of this substance has also spread in the market, and some enterprises make it into commercial products. The first one developed is Japan's emerging and. Due to the imperfect technology at that time, the retail price of its products was 40000 yuan, which was beyond the reach of most consumers. This situation was not changed until the emergence of new technology biological enzymes
single machine filling is widely used in the industry, and the NMN content is limited to 9000. Our company uses a special multi machine filling machine, which can make the NMN content of a single machine higher. The content of NMN in a bottle reaches 18000mg or even higher

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