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NMN capsule
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In March 2017, Professor David A. Sinclair, an Australian biologist, Professor of genetics and director of the anti-aging research center of Harvard Medical School, and Dr. Lindsay Wu, a scientist at the University of New South Wales, made a breakthrough in antiretroviral research - aging
they increased the content of NAD + in mice by adding NMN to mice, and successfully reversed the aging process of mice
the combination of NAD (red) and dbc1 protein (Beige) can prevent dbc1 from adhering and destroy proteins that play an important role in DNA repair
Professor Sinclair's team moved NMN to the left and ran with mice without
the running speed and time of NMN mice were much higher than those of the control group
Daily Mail: Amazing anti-aging technology can make people live to 150 years old and become as cheap as coffee every day by 2020
Time magazine: will anti-aging drugs be available soon
wired, a famous American science and technology media, wrote that cutting-edge technology can help mankind survive forever

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