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NMN oral solution membrane
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With the continuous research of NMN in scientific research and medicine, its heat is rising. Professor David Sinclair has found that NMN has anti-aging and anti-aging effects for nearly a decade, and the real business of NMN supplements?? Industrial products have only become active in recent years
NMN supplement, the first commercial product in China, has become a thing of the past. It was officially launched in 2017, but it had been commercialized in Japan before. At that time, Japan was developing and using fermentation to produce NMN. However, due to the disadvantages of long fermentation cycle, substandard purity, many impurities, low production efficiency and high production cost, the retail price of the product is 40000 yuan. No matter how expensive the product is, some people buy it, and few people buy it. However, our company's products are developed to let more people enjoy this product
after several years of technical breakthrough, our product has also become a popular NMN supplement in China,?? Its retail price is less than one tenth of that of Japanese products. We have settled in multiple e-commerce platforms, effectively accelerating the popularity of NMN. Although the retail price of the product is more than 1000 yuan, it is also a cost-effective product in China. Therefore, after entering various e-commerce platforms, EDV once became a hot selling product in nutrition and health category and the most popular product among consumers. With the expansion of market scale, our NMN products are well known to the public. In order to better serve the public, we also decided to invest in our own NMN factory to further reduce the price of NMN oral solution diaphragm and let more people buy it

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