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Experts remind that in this era of consumption for health, NMN brands emerge one after another. When buying, consumers must carefully distinguish, carefully buy and choose big brands with guaranteed quality. Our high content nmn18000 product is the world's fourth generation NAD + supplement produced by listed companies. The NAD + absorption conversion rate is 98%, which is the highest standard NMN product in the market at present
in the NMN industry, many enterprises have added anthocyanins, pterin, Rhodiola and other substances to make the weight of NMN sufficient. In fact, they are changing the world by adding cheap health care products to their products and replacing inferior products with good ones, regardless of whether these substances interfere with and offset each other. Are there any more delicate and expensive health products than NMN? Consumers buy NMN instead of anthocyanins. Changing concepts or even changing pillars is really undesirable. We must recognize the brand and consume carefully

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