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Anti aging has always been a topic of global concern. As long as there is a hint, it will cause a sensation immediately. All this shows that with the development of the times, people's awareness and demand for health and anti-aging are increasing year by year. In order to prolong life and maintain youth, people all over the world are competing to develop and produce anti-aging food (Medicine) products
as one of the largest industries in the world, the great health industry breeds a huge consumer market. In 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in the world, caused the attention of all mankind. The promotion of epidemic prevention and control further promoted the demand of global health industry, and brought new opportunities for the development of health market in various countries. Br> with the emergence of NMN products, the problem of human aging has been alleviated to a great extent. Similarly, the emergence of this product also provides more market possibilities for the big health industry. In terms of the current market, this will be a subversive economic wave. It is expected that the NMN product market will become the blue ocean of 100 billion domestic markets such as mobile phones. How many people made money on mobile phones in those years, and now how many people made money in NMN investment promotion agency. This is not only a vent, but also an opportunity

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