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Contemporary people are busy with work and study, and often bear great mental and work pressure, which is easy to lead to depression, pessimism and anger. The generation of these bad emotions will directly or indirectly lead to liver dysfunction. Medical research results confirm that generally angry people suffer from liver disease more than 8 times as often as normal people. Therefore, relevant people suggest that protecting the liver needs to pay attention to regulating our emotions. Emotional appeasement can not only make our blood circulation smoother, but also accelerate the metabolism of the liver. For hepatitis patients, it is more conducive to delay the process of liver fibrosis and prevent liver cancer. In addition, long-term staying up late and poor sleep quality have become the second largest behavior of liver injury in young people. Research shows that staying up late for a long time and poor sleep quality will reduce the body's own immunity, the liver will have insufficient blood supply, and the damaged hepatocytes are difficult to repair and deteriorate gradually

the experimental data show that NMN enters the plasma after oral administration for 10 minutes, and is effectively absorbed and converted into NAD + after 30 minutes. After oral administration of NR, the concentration of NR in blood and the level of NAD + in blood increase. Taking NMN and NR at the same time can also promote the rapid increase of NMN content in cells, cooperate to ensure bioavailability, and finally effectively supplement NAD + in the body to restore vitality

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