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Recently, the international authoritative scientific journal Nature invited many experts in the field of cardiovascular diseases to discuss the significance of NAD + supplementation in the treatment of elderly related heart failure. It is believed that the supplement of NAD + precursor NMN can promote metabolism and has a high probability to become the fir st evidence-based therapy for HFPEF. It has a probability to reduce the number of hospitalizations for cardiovascular diseases, reduce the risk of heart death and promote heart health and aging. The fourth generation NMN product we developed has the largest share of NMN in the world and far exceeds similar products in the market with high absorption rate, And has been personally certified by hundreds of thousands of consumers

as we know, as one of the most rigorous and authoritative scientific journals in the world, nature has exposed the efficacy of NMN in many top scientific research institutions around the world, including Harvard Medical School. Among them, NMN, as the precursor of NAD +, is called the "engine" to maintain human survival and health by the scientific community, and plays an important role in gene repair and rejuvenation of young cells. However, with the increase of age, the secretion of NAD + will stop, and then the molecular weight of NAD + is too large to be supplemented directly. Therefore, NMN can be rapidly transformed into a precursor of NAD + in vivo. By nature, NMN is the best complement to NAD +. At present, the NMN produced by our company is popular all over the world. It sells well in 5000 + pharmacies in Australia and New Zealand and in 23 countries and regions around the world

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